Displays boundaries of areas allocated by the forest authority and supervised by the Supervisory Body for Forest and Wildlife Resources (OSINFOR) for timber, non-timber products, conservation, ecotourism, wildlife, afforestation, and reforestation. The concession grants the licensee the exclusive right to the sustainable use of natural resources granted under the conditions and limitations established by the respective title. The concession grants the holder the right to use and enjoy the natural resource granted and, consequently, ownership of the fruits and products extracted.Types of concessions are indicated in the attribute data of each boundary, and include:Timber Concessions - Areas granted for timber operations in production forests permanently established in primary or secondary forests. Granted in two categories: between 5,000-10,000 hectares or areas greater than 10,000 hectares, both renewable for up to forty years.Non-Timber Forest Products - Areas granted for harvesting of non-timber products, such as fruits, buds, latex, resins, gums, flowers, fibers, whose extraction does not lead to the removal of forest cover. Maximum area of 10,000 hectares, renewable up to forty years.Conservation Concessions - Concessions aimed at directly contributing to conservation of plant and wildlife through protection and compatible uses such as research, education, and ecological restoration. Logging for timber is not allowed.Ecotourism Concessions - Concession for the development of activities related to recreation and ecotourism, contributing to the conservation of nature, animals and cultural values of this site, and allowing for beneficial social and economic participation of the local communities. Commercial logging is not permitted. Areas valid for forty years for a maximum area of 10,000 hectares.Wildlife Concessions - Public lands granted for wildlife management and aimed at sustainable enjoyment of authorized species. Renewable for up to twenty-five years.Reforestation/ Afforestation areas - Areas designated for reforestation and afforestation activities.Supervision status is also indicated in the attribute data of each boundary, and includes:Supervised - Forest concessions where OSINFOR, through field and desktop research, has verified the fulfillment of conditions and obligations in concession contracts and/or operational plans.Unsupervised - Forest concessions that are pending supervisionVisualize the data in the original platform here.

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