This data set, a collaboration between the [GLAD]( (Global Land Analysis & Discovery) lab at the University of Maryland, Google, USGS, and NASA, displays tree cover over all global land (except for Antarctica and a number of Arctic islands) for the year 2000 at 30 × 30 meter resolution. “Percent tree cover” is defined as the density of tree canopy coverage of the land surface and is color-coded by density bracket (see legend). Data in this layer were generated using multispectral satellite imagery from the [Landsat 7]( thematic mapper plus (ETM+) sensor. The clear surface observations from over 600,000 images were analyzed using Google Earth Engine, a cloud platform for earth observation and data analysis, to determine per pixel tree cover using a supervised learning algorithm. The tree cover canopy density of the displayed data varies according to the selection - use the legend on the map to change the minimum tree cover canopy density threshold.

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