Created by the [Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE)](, this data set shows 587 sites for 920 species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, conifers, and reef-building corals. The species found within these sites have extremely small global ranges and populations; any change to habitat within a site may lead to the extinction of a species in the wild. To meet AZE Extinction Site status, a site must: - Contain at least one Endangered or Critically Endangered species - Be the sole area where an Endangered or Critically Endangered species occurs - Contain greater than 95% of either the known resident population of the species or 95% of the known population of one life history segment (e.g. breeding or wintering) of the species - Have a definable boundary (e.g., species range, extent of contiguous habitat, etc.) Launched in 2005, the Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) engages 83 non-governmental biodiversity conservation organizations working to prevent species extinctions. The AZE identifies and safeguards places where species evaluated to be Endangered or Critically Endangered by the [International Union for Conservation of Nature]( are restricted to single remaining sites.

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