his data set comes from the National Institute of Forests (INAB) in Guatemala. Through various joint efforts and in coordination with the Inter-institutional Group for Forest Monitoring and the GIZ, INAB obtained 308 high resolution RapidEye (RE) images to cover the entire country. These images, with a spatial resolution of 5 meters multispectral, were used to detail 16 classes of forest, 21 subtypes of forest, and 16 subtypes of forest by density. For broadleaf, coniferous, and mixed forest, detailed densities (sparse and dense) were differentiated for the first time in Guatemala.Mangroves were identified at the species level thanks to the database of Project Mangrove, 2012 MARN-CATHALAC, which has registers of four species. For the purposes of this map, un-forested zones were simply designated “No Forest”.

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