This data set indicates the location of intact and degraded primary forests across Indonesia for the years 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2012. Primary forest consists of mature natural forest cover that has not been completely cleared in recent history (30 years or more) and exists in a contiguous block of 5 ha or more. Primary forest cover was mapped using Landsat composites and multi-temporal metrics as input data to a two-step supervised classification. The first step was a per-pixel classification of areas with tree canopy cover of 30% and above for the 2000 reference year. A second per-pixel classification procedure was performed to separate primary forest from other tree cover for 2000; contiguous areas of 5 ha and greater were retained as primary forest. A limited editing of this classification was performed to remove older plantations and adjust other forest formations that could not be identified using the per-pixel classifier, but could be identified in photo-interpretive contexts. Primary forests were subsequently characterized into primary intact and primary degraded subclasses using the GIS-based buffering approach of the Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL). To create the IFL layer, buffers of roads, settlements and other signs of human landscape alteration were used to identify degraded areas within zones of primary forest cover. IFL mapping employed cloud-free Landsat mosaics to quantify changes in primary intact forest extent. The map of primary intact and primary degraded forest cover types corresponds to the Indonesia Ministry of Forestry’s primary and secondary forest cover types.

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