The general objective of this project was to update the national forest cover map to the year 2006. The specific objectives included calculating the rates of land cover changes at national, departmental, and municipal scales and comparing the 2006 map to the 2001 map that was generated with the same methodology. The new methodology used to generate the 2006 map made it necessary to create a new 2001 map. To describe forest cover at the national scale, the use of information from remote sensing, whether satellite images or aerial photographs, represented the most accurate data source.The elaboration of national maps of forest cover was based on satellite images from Landsat 5 and 7 as well as ASTER (only for the southwestern section of the country, in the area corresponding to the Landsat image of Path 21 Row 50). The forest cover for Guatemala in 2006 was estimated as 3,866,383 hectares, equivalent to 35.5% of the national territory. The revised value for 2001 is 4,152,051 hectares corresponding to 38.1% of the national territory. These values represent an annual net loss of 48,084 hectares, equivalent to a deforestation rate of - 1.16%. The net annual loss reported is the difference between a gross loss of 101,852 hectares/year and a gain of 53,768 hectares/year.

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