DownloadTo download a subset of this data set, zoom in on your area of interest using the interactive map above. Once you’ve focused the map on your area of interest, select “DOWNLOAD DATASET,” choose “Download Filtered Dataset,” and select your download format.  Download times will vary depending on the size of the area you selected. The TIFF format is encoded with values 0-383, which represent total biomass carbon per pixel as measured by Megagrams of carbon per hectare (Mg/C per ha). The JPEG and PNG options are pictures that do not carry specific units. You cannot download this data set for specific countries, yet. DescriptionThe Tropical Forest Carbon Stocks data layer shows a “benchmark” map of biomass carbon stocks for more than 2.5 billion hectares of forests on three continents, encompassing all tropical forests, for the early 2000s. Researchers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Winrock International developed the layer by collecting data from more than 4,000 in situ inventory plots, plus optical and microwave imagery (1 km resolution) to extrapolate the amount of calculated carbon stocks from forests distributed over the South American, Southeast Asia, and the sub-Saharan African regions. Further data on tree height and landscape characteristics across the tropics were derived using satellite light detection and ranging (Lidar) data from the ICESAT GLAS Lidar. This data set also helps illustrate regional patterns and provides methodologically comparable estimates of carbon stocks for 75 developing countries where previous assessments were either poor or incomplete.Citation:Saatchi, S.S., N.L. Harris, S. Brown, M. Lefsky, E. Mitchard, W. Salas, B. Zutta, W. Buermann, S. Lewis, S. Hagen, S. Petrova, L. White, M. Silman, and A. Morel. 2011. “Benchmark map of forest carbon stocks in tropical regions across three continents.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences vol 108, no. 24, pp 9899-9904. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1019576108.

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