Economic Land Concessions (ELC) are long-term leases that allows a concessionaire to clear land in order to develop industrial-scale agriculture. In recent years, communities, local and international organizations, UN agencies, and development partners have raised many concerns about the impact of ELCs on communities and the environment. Both local and international media frequently report on cases of communities losing land to concession holders. Further, ELCs allegedly have led to deforestation as large tracts of forestland are cleared for plantations.This dataset contains data for ELCs in Cambodia with contract dates starting from 1995 to 2012. The list was updated in June 2015 to included adjustments to ELCs contracts as a result of the Directive 01, starting in 2012, such as land cuts and cancellation of licenses. Due to the lack of publicly available information, this dataset does not include information on reductions of contract durations as a result of the ELCs evaluation process in 2015.Open Development Cambodia collected the data from a variety of public domain sources such as the government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes, company websites, and news reports.

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