This dataset reflects estimated annual carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere as a result of aboveground biomass loss. Estimates are based on the colocation of aboveground live woody biomass density values for the year 2000 from Baccini et al. 2012 with annual tree cover loss data from 2001 through 2014 from Hansen et al. 2013, both at 30-meter spatial resolution. All of the aboveground carbon is considered to be “committed” emissions to the atmosphere upon clearing. Emissions are “gross” rather than “net” estimates, meaning that information about the fate of land after clearing, and its associated carbon value, is not incorporated. Emissions associated with other carbon pools, such as soil carbon, are excluded from this map layer but are shown under the carbon density map layers. Loss of biomass, like loss of tree cover, may occur for many reasons, including deforestation, fire, and logging in the course of forestry operations.This data layer is currently visualized on a red-to-yellow color scale, with yellow pixels representing areas with highest biomass loss, and pixels with red shading indicating areas with less biomass loss. Users can adjust the minimum tree canopy density threshold for what defines a forest at a value between 10 percent and 30 percent, and emission estimates will update accordingly to reflect the new forest definition.Users can also explore carbon emissions from tree biomass loss between 2001 and 2014 using the time slider, and also perform custom analysis on the map of carbon emissions within a user-drawn shape.

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