Shows potentially suitable areas for sustainable oil palm cultivation, according to the default settings determined by Project POTICO. These default environmental and crop criteria settings are based on the methodology developed by WRI and Sekala, detailed in Gingold et al. (2012), available online at Suitability calculated using the following default values: Land cover - Suitable: grassland/shrub; plantations; agriculture; settlements/other uses. Not suitable: primary forest; secondary forest, wetland Peat depth – Suitable:0 cm. Not suitable: any value > 0 cm Slope – Suitable: 0-30%. Not suitable : >30% Conservation area buffer – Suitable: >1000 m. Not suitable: 100 m. Not suitable: 1000 m Rainfall – Suitable: 1250-6000mm/yr. Not suitable: >6000mm/yr; 150 cm). Not suitable: very shallow (0-10 cm); moderately shallow (26-50 cm) Soil acidity (pH) – Suitable: excessively acid (

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