Information from Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 was used as the primary source of information, corresponding to 2010, although in certain areas images from 2009 and 2011 were used based on their quality. As secondary sources of information, information from 2006 orthophotos and images for 2010 from the ALOS-PRISM sensor were used.Forest cover in 2010 for Guatemala was estimated at 3,722,595 hectares, equivalent to 34% of the national land territory. The value for forest cover for 2006, published in May of 2011, was revised and a new estimate of 3,868,708 hectares was obtained. These values represent a net loss of 146,112 hectares of forest, equivalent to a net deforestation rate of -1.0% per year at the national level (with respect to the total existing forest in 2006). The results show that the net rate of deforestation continues falling compared to previous studies (-1.43% for 1991-2001 and -1.16% for 2001-2006) as a result of substantial increases in forest cover gain. However, gross deforestation continues to increase, reaching an area of 132,137 hectares per year for the analyzed time period.52% of the national forest cover is located inside the Guatemalan System of Protected Areas (SIGAP), which covers a third of the national territory. The remaining 48% of the forest cover is distributed in the other two thirds of the country. In face of this concentration of forest cover inside of Protected Areas, three quarters of the loss during 2006-2010 occurred inside of SIGAP and one quarter outside of SIGAP.

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