The fire history data layer displays a series of heat maps of the concentration of MODIS fire alerts in Indonesia for the years 2001 to 2015. The color of pixels gets warmer (redder) where the concentration of fires is higher. This dataset was developed in order to assess the historical frequency of fires in Indonesia. A kernel density function was used to estimate the occurrence of fires for each pixel. This function calculates the density of fire alerts (from a single year) within a 10km radius neighborhood around each pixel. The output value is the number of fire alerts per km2 within the 10km threshold distance.To compare the density values for different years, all layers were normalized to the low-to-high incidence scale for a year with an average number of fires (2012) for the 2001 to 2015 time period. On this scale, the lowest value (transparent) is 0 fires per km2 and the highest value (reddest) is 3 or more fires per km2 per year.MODIS Active Fire data are provided by the NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS).

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