These data represent the cultivation of soybeans in the Brazilian Cerrado biome for the crop year 2013-2014. Produced by Agrosatélite Applied Geotechnology Ltd., the soy cultivation data are one element of a larger study, based on the use of geospatial technologies, that analyzed ~2,500 Landsat satellite images to describe both the dynamics of annual crops expansion and land use and land cover change (LULCC) in the Cerrado biome associated with agricultural expansion between the harvests of 2000/2001–2006/2007 and 2006/2007– 2013/2014. Crop year 2013-2014 includes soy planted in late 2013 (variable planting dates) and harvested through early 2014 (again, with variation) across the entire Cerrado biome, following similar methods to those used to monitor soy in the Amazon biome in the context of the Brazilian Soy Moratorium. This layer represents only soy cultivation, and should not by itself be interpreted as representative of soy as the sole driver of forest or other natural ecosystem conversion. Analysis of these data relative to annual tree cover loss data is available through the "Analysis" tool on GFW Commodities.

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